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Frequently Asked Questions about A Snake Among Rangers (ASAR)

Q: What is the timeline for A Snake Among Rangers?

A: The timeline is from 1998 to 2014, which is 16 years, and there'll be brief flashbacks to years before. This covers both Power Rangers starting from Power Rangers in Space (PRiS) all the way to the season after Power Rangers Megaforce (PRM) and the events of Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake (MG2) all the way to the events of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (MGS4). As of this time I am not including about Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (MGRR), set four years later and SPD roughly occuring between two-seven years after that. I am also unsure about including anything involving Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes (MGSGZ) as it is set after Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (MGSPW) but the storyline is also unknown, however.

Q: What is the story's location and time?
A: Starting in Chapter 1, which I even specify the date, it begins in between episodes 19 and 20 of PRiS, before Zhane wakes up, and a year and some months before the events of MG2. It starts on June 19, 1998. Don't ask me about the specific date. Purely random. Also, it's AU. Got it? Good.

Q: Who is Elora? It's not you, is it? Does she have any other nicknames?
A: I knew I was going to get a question like this. First, she is my OC, the purple Power Ranger, and the longest-serving Ranger, beating Billy out by a long shot. And no, and I'm going to state this right here and now, she is not me, period. She is the youngest Ranger in service. Her first name, however is the same as mine, and is the same as the baby Elora Danon from Willow (and a city in Ontario, Canada and a music band). She also happens to be the daughter of Zeus and Hera, and as the story begins, she's only a demigoddess. If she wants to become a full-fledged goddess, then she has to earn it. Zeus won't just give it to her. And yes she has other names. Her nickname is Abby, as her full name is Elora Esther Abbott, with Esther being her Jewish name, and occasional Ellie. Yeah, a Jewish Power Ranger who's the daughter of Zeus and Hera. Make that of what you will.

Q: How old is Elora, then?
A: Well, as ASAR begins, she's 11 going on 12. Since she's been serving since the getgo, she started at the age of 6. Don't worry, she's not some immature brat. She's a kid, yeah, but she's growing up among teens and adults. She has to be a bit more mature than her peers. Oh and since she'll eventually become a goddess, at some point she'll stop aging and have eternal youth like her Grecian brethren.

Q: Why Power Rangers and Metal Gear?
A: I chose these two mediums, both as a thing of "Why not?" and because I love both series. I also checked for crossovers for both and none existed. My story is the first of its kind. Also, I was extremely furious at Disney for what they did to Power Rangers, with them canceling it after that "reversioned" shit aired that added more fuel to my fire. Under Disney's control, it was too kiddiefied and seriously watered down. Crossing Metal Gear into it will try to help rectify this, as well as tie up some MAJOR loose ends (even in Metal Gear, as well). Essentially I plan on giving the series the good swift kick in the pants it needs. I was also inspired after completing MGS4 in 2008, before I played Portable Ops and Peace Walker, and yes I'm working on Metal Gear (the first game released in the series) and Peace Walker.

Q: How long have you been working on the story?
A: I've been working on the story since 2008, and trust me I have had plenty of help along the way. The idea for the story itself had formed in my head, or rather someone to the effect of a "Power Ranger's Power Ranger" or, er, a man's man, as it were.

Q: Who is this Lady Snake that you keep referring to?
A: Lady Snake is one of the main characters from ASAR who is introduced in later chapters. She's an operative that joined Special Forces Unit FOXHOUND at a young age, but had to retire from the unit due to an incident that nearly killed her team after a mission. She also knows the members of FOXHOUND that Solid Snake eventually defeats in Metal Gear Solid (MGS).

Q: Who is Poison-Stripes and how does she fit into ASAR?
A: Poison-Stripe is my OC, purely of my own creation. Therefore, she can theoretically fit into any fandom, more or less, like say if you created a random citizen of say New York and can place said person in like Spider-Man or Avengers or like Digimon, something like that. Anyway, she also happens to be my fursona. She and I both share the same first and last name, as I have cosplayed as her before, and her name will be the one I use when I'm a pro wrestler. There's that and the fact that in theory there could also be another girl with the same exact name in her school, like say if there two Michael Smiths or Mary Johnsons. Stripes is the local superheroine of Vineland, NJ, my hometown, and also known as the hybrid warrior with the scorpion tail, and has one really nasty scar, to boot, as well as being Jewish. ASAR-wise, she's friends with Abby and who'll show up in later chapters, as well as being the Power Rangers' most loyal ally, or your worst nightmare if you piss her off. Her hybrid form is more or less a humanoid tiger with a giant Emperor scorpion tail, as I'm a nut about astrology and like the combo. I'm still working on her backstory, but her personality I've developed through roleplaying her over the years. Her powers are varied, more or less, and her main goal in life (regardless of what fandom she's in or whenever I'm RPing as her) is to become a master of all the weapons known to man. She has a very long way to go to accomplish this. You can call her by her given name, Stripes, her full name Poison-Stripes, PS or Elma (take the first two letters of the first and last name).

Q: Why 1998? What's so special about it?
A: Okay. See, PRiS is one of my favorite seasons, my favorite iteration of Star Trek, which is Deep Space 9 (DS9), aired during this time and MGS came out on the PS1 (and yeah I played and beat it back then, too). Need I say more?

Q: If Stripes and Abby share your first name, what else do they share?
A: Aside from the first name and religion, that's really it. No, the three of us do not have the same birthday. SPOILER ALERT: Zordon purposely screwed up the birthdays of all the Rangers, to prevent anyone who hacked into the Morphing Grid to get the info wrong as a security measure. Aside from that, well, I really can't say. You're just gonna have to read the story, then.

Q: Why the color purple?
A: Okay, first off, her color originally had nothing to do with Spirit Day, as I have been working on this since 2008. It was mainly due to her hailing from Vineland, which was once the home of Welsh's company (the same people who make the grape jelly and all that. I'm serious. Look it up.) and also because grapes are a common motif in decoration around the city. As such, they are colored purple, so therefore it seemed to fit her. Now, if people want to associate her with Spirit Day, then by all means go for it. The way I see it, even she stands up for those who have been victims of bullying, and well, it was also coincidence, too.
Yeah, this is the long-awaited FAQ I finally got off my lazy ass to do. I was more or less pestered (nicely, I swear!) by :iconlineith:, who also helped me form the questions and answers for ASAR while trying to not be TOO spoilerly for those of you who haven't read it, yet. (and I can tell when it is being read, and with my journal entries about it, too) And for those of you who know who's who, more or less, please do me a favor and keep your yaps shut about it. Thank you.

See, the more Lineith and I got to talking about Chapter 1 over Facebook, the more I kept thinking, "Jeez, I really need a FAQ" and she also happens to share my sentiments about what Disney did. *ahem* FUCK YOU DISNEY!! YOU DON'T FUCK UP MMPR!!!! /end rant

I was also trying to think of what someone might ask me about Lady Snake, the purple Ranger, and Poison-Stripes, of course, as well as any other general questions. Again, as far as I can tell, ASAR is the ONLY crossover of Power Rangers and Metal Gear, and godsdammit I'm trying to do it right.

Like I say in the fact, I don't know that much about Rising (and even then it's lacking in the stealth department, but it's focusing on Raiden, so :shrug: ), but even then the timeline of 1998 to 2014 is something I'll stick to, period.

Any other questions? Leave comments below or note me. Enjoy. I'll update the FAQ as such.

EDIT: Updated the FAQ to include the color choice and stuff about Ground Zeroes.

Oh, and one more thing (something I feel I have to do, regardless):
Hunter-destroyer of :icondoombringers: Y'all know the drill. Try to steal this and I'll kick your ass. 'Nuff said.
Lineith Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2012  Professional General Artist
Wow, this sure helped me getting things clear in the mess I had formed in my head! And be sure that I'll keep throwing you questions because I get confused so damn easily.
Ahahaha that conversation is engraved in my memory. Epic XD
Once we get the internet connection at home fixed, I'll keep on pestering you with comments~
Keep up the awesome work!
Poison-Stripes Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, I'm glad to help clear up the mess. I look forward to it!
Epic conversation!! ^^
Alright and thanks!
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